By your side for more than 45 years

The company Polmac Srl was founded by Gianfranco Pollastri and has been in the market of machines for the distribution of agricultural pesticides and herbicides since 1972.

Polmac, an international company

Our primary objective had been that of designing and manufacturing a complete weeding machine targeted exclusively for the Italian market.
Over time, we specialised in the production of components and accessories for machines for the distribution of pesticides and herbicides, while also expanding our sales in foreign countries. Nowadays more than 90% of our turnover comes from foreign markets.
Our core markets are Europe, South America and Australia.

Our products: technical features

Our products are produced to control and measure the management, mixing and distribution of chemicals in agriculture, in order to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact and contact with these products by operators.
Greater precision in dosing, more safety in performing activities, compliance with the most stringent rules and the best end results.


The R&D division

Every year we invest a significant share of our turnover in Research & Development.
Thanks to our specialist team we produce technical drawings, prototypes and new production moulds, while maintaining constant product innovation and customisation to satisfy the requirements of the Italian and international market.

Our customers

Our main customers are international manufacturers of complete weeding machines.