Pony Plus 5.4

 -3,5” digital color touchscreen display.
-Photo sensor to regulate back lighting.
-French, English, Italian and German multilingual menu.
-USB port for data collection.
-Energy-saving with turning off after some minutes of inactivity.
-Choice of the number of decimals after comma.
-ISOBUS Protocol.
-Rear coupling system with provision of suction cup attachment.
-12Vcc power supply.
-Connected to a flowmeter, the display indicates real time lit/min flowrate and total flowrate.
-Setting of desired quantities also available to obtain an outlet signal once the required value is reached.
-The outlet signal (2,6A) can produce luminous or audio pulses, can drive a 12Vcc gear motor or an electrovalve or an engine.
-Also compatible with RAM-MOUNT suction cup.

Equipment for protecting crops and the environment.

AG.EXPO 2019

 AG. EXPO 2019
International Agri-Center
4500 South Laspina Street
Tulare, California
12-14 February 2019
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