Pony Plus 5.1

 3,5” digital color touchscreen display.
Photo sensor to regulate back lighting.
French, English, Italian and German multilingual menu.
USB port for data collection.
Energy-saving with turning off after some minutes of inactivity.
Choice of the number of decimals after comma.
ISOBUS Protocol.
Rear coupling system with provision of suction cup attachment.
It has two signals inputs for measuring the flow, speed and filling level.
12Vcc power supply.
Connected to a flowmeter the display indicates cumulative volume delivered (resettable) up to 999.999 units and partial volume in different units of measure: litres, Usa gallons, mc/h.
Setting of pulses for calibration of liquids under several temperatures and viscosities.
Setting of pulses for flowmeters from ½” to 4”.
Can be connected to square wave sensors.
RAM-MOUNT suction cup compatible.

Equipment for protecting crops and the environment.

Lamma Show

8-9 gennaio 2019
Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK

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