Code VTDC7000


The recirculation valve allows creating a closed rinsing cycle for the entire system. The water is drawn from the supplementary tank and once the rinsing cycle has been completed, the liquid is sent for distribution in the boom. The system allows rinsing the spraying parts several times consuming a reduced amount of clean water without wasting the water contained in the supplementary tank. In addition, the rinsing liquid is not drained into the main tank, but distributed in the field through the boom. You also have the dual advantage of not having to dilute the treatment mixture in the main tank and not having to further agitate the contents with the risk of producing foam. Aluminium body treated with a cataphoresis cycle. Viton O-rings and Teflon-PTFE seals. Interchangeable Nylon flanges with different couplings and sizes. Possibility of constructing various models based on the sizes.

VERSION 2'' 5W – 2'' 5W

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